Projects for small ensembles

Aside of the bigger projects that involve ten or more participants, Les Nations has smaller ensembles’ concert programs on chamber and sacred music, connected to its research interests in Renaissance and Baroque


Viae Cantus

Italian Sacred Music in the Age of Josquin Laude by Bartolomeo Tromboncino for voices and wind instruments (four singers, three wind instruments, organ)


Me lasserĂ  tu mo?

Frottolas on latin texts, litterary jokes. Music by Josquin, Tromboncino, Cara, Anonymous in the intabulation by Andrea Antico (two singers, flute, gamba, lute, harpsichord)

L’orto delle delizie

Music for banquets, dances, feasts. Music By Tromboncino, De Ana, Attaignant, Anonymous (two singers, flutes, harpsichord)


A forgotten virtuoso

An expressive play game between cornetto, voice and continuo in the XVII century. Music by Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Strozzi (soprano, cornetto, sackbut, organ/harpsichord)



Italian influence on European music between Renaissance and Baroque Era . Music by Sances, Frescobaldi, Couperin (soprano, violin, percussions and guitar, harpsichord)

A merry Italian Companion

Handel, Galuppi and colleagues between Italy and Europe (soprano, violin, cello and harpsichord)